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Mobilite A2R
Battery, Multi-Voltage Charger
BatteryPack Shoulder Strap
Soft Kit Case
2 x Broncolor mobilite
2 x Umbrella

This is a Broncolor Mobil A2R Travel Kit. Broncolor Mobil A2R is a battery-supplied power pack with two flash head outlets. It has an internal radio slave receiver, which enables you to wirelessly trigger the pack from your camera and optional RFS transmitter or transceiver. The photocell and infrared receiver can be switched off independently. It has a power output control range over four f/stops in 1/10 intervals; the asymmetry extends the control range over two additional f/stops.

The A2R has Auto Dump - internal discharge when power setting is reduced. This pack provides repetitive accuracy for digital photography. It is compatible with the entire Broncolor flash head range. Its battery charges inside the unit with 100-240VAC current.

The Mobilite2 stuffs 1600 w/s handling into a very compact head. Hardly larger than a soda can, the tiny mobilite head is built to travel. The light modifiers made specially for the Mobilite include barn doors, grids, and a snoot. There is an adapter available which makes the Mobilite compatible with the Pulso line of reflectors for more control.

This kit includes a multi-voltage charger, sync cord, pack shoulder strap, and a soft kit case with shoulder strap. The case holds all the components. Add a light stand to complete this kit.


Maximum Watt/Seconds Power Pack: 1200
Flash Head: 1600
Guide Number f/45.6 at 6.5\', ISO 100 with a P70 reflector
f/22 with Mobilite 2 Head at 10\', ISO 100
Recycle Time Fast charge: sec
Slow charge: sec
Flash Duration 1 Lamp: second
2 lamps: second
Flash Variability 4 f/stops in 1/10th of f/stop increments, symmetrical
6 f/stops asymmetrical
Voltage Stabilization Yes, +/- 1%
Distribution Asymmetrical or symmetrical: Head Outlets 2
Flash Ready Indicator Switchable Visual and Audible indication
Operating Voltage 12 Volts, 7 Amps
Charge: 110-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Sync Voltage 12VDC
Built-in Slave Cell Optical
Infra Red
Radio: Outdoor Range: m), Indoors: m) Average
Circuit Protection Yes
Fan Cooled Yes
Auto Dump Yes
Number of Flashes @ Full Power 130 flashes at fast recycle
170 flashes at slow recycle
Battery Charge Time 4 hours
Dimensions Power Pack: 9.4 x 6 x Flash Head: 8.1 x 5.3 x Weight Power Pack: 20.3 lbs (9.2kg)
Flash Head: 2.7 lbs (1.25kg) including cable
Kit Weight ~30 lbs (13.6kg)

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